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Wall handwashing unit, made in stainless steel AISI 304, complete with knee-operated timed control tap, distributor and connection flexible pipe, in depth 500 and in width 500, height 250 mm. Work top h=40 mm with sheet thickness 10/10, pressed, complete with sink, antirumble panel, drain and overflow. Backsplash h=100 mm thickness 15 mm with plugging panel to protect against anti-hygienics agents. Frame composed of panels side panel to cover the sink, appropriately perforated to allow fixing to the wall. Front balancing panel to control the tap. Details finished with attention and anti-cutting edges to avoid any accident to the users. Accessories: SP, SPD, SO, PN050, DS, DSL ( see page _____). Shapes:

Codice/Code L mm euro
LMI 360
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