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To succeed, a great business enterprise needs an outstanding project, supported by clear objectives.

At A.L.INOX, specialised since 1992 in working steel for applications in foodservice, this ‘powerful concept’ has always been focused on the customer and the total satisfaction of his expectations.

As a result, A.L.INOX has aimed at providing the ideal product: maximum quality and functionality and, above all, solutions for particular requirements - such as adapting furniture to a kitchen whose plan is not perfectly geometrical, or satisfying the specific functional requirements of sector operators. This led to the creation of the A.L.INOX line of professional kitchen furniture: manufactured with catalogue-listed or customised dimensions - a range that immediately commanded the market's attention for quality and installation flexibility.

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This foodservice line was then supplemented by two collateral divisions, which marked the launch of a professional kitchen system created for domestic users (marketed with the brand KiPro), and a job processing service, for particular projects executed to the customer's design.

In other words, flexibility and product quality, but not only that. In addition to providing consultation and design services, A.L.INOX always delivers a totally reliable estimate, followed by an order confirmation, and - by managing the production schedule - guarantees unmatched completion times.

This ability to offer unexceptionable products from every point of view derives first and foremost from the shareholding structure of A.L.INOX, in which every fundamental activity of the company is presided over by single associates, specialised in the different production areas. In addition, production relies on selected suppliers, and on cutting-edge machinery designed for flexibility, with the aim to obtain customised items in half the time.

Seriousness and true competence? The answer is A.L.INOX.

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