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In addition to catalogue listed products, or items designed to customer's specifications, A.L.INOX also offers a service of special machining dedicated mainly to the sports, orthopaedics/hospital, optics, art/decoration, construction and carpentry sectors.

A.L.INOX technology for these types of works includes:

Laser cutting machinery
These machines can bore, with maximum precision, holes whose diameter is smaller than the thickness of the sheet metal undergoing machining. Furthermore, owing to cutting speed and to the possibility of unsupervised operation, a reduction in production time and in the cost of labour are obtained. The optimisation of the quantity of material used, and the ensuing cost reduction, are guaranteed through careful programming and through the computerised "nesting" system, which maps the particulars in order best to exploit the sheet's dimensions. At the customer's discretion, drawing of the elements to be machined or quoted can be emailed, with file extension .DXF o .DWG, to the following address:

For laser cutting, A.L.INOX is equipped with:
  • a 5000W laser cutting system with a working area of 3000x1500 mm. The machine can work sheet metal with a maximum thickness of 25 mm for steel, 20 mm for stainless steel and 12 mm for aluminium;
  • a 4000W laser FIBRA SALVAGNINI with a working area of 4000x1500 mm. The machine can work sheet metal with a maximum thickness of 20 mm for steel, 15 mm for stainless steel, and 15 mm for aluminium.
Bending machines
A.L.INOX technology also includes three CNC bending machines, characterised by extreme and consistent angular precision along the entire length of the bend. In addition, the great speed of the axis diminishes production time, and consequently the cost. .

These machines (Trumpf V170X and nr. 2 LVD PPEB 220/42) feature a working length of 4200 mm and a maximum bending force of 2200kN.

Cutting Slitting machine
This machinery, with a working area of 4100 mm, is oleodynamic, with adjustable blade and rear ejector. The machine can work sheet metal with a maximum thickness of 6 mm for steel and 3 mm for stainless steel.

Punching machine

This machine has a working area of 2000x1000 mm (with repositioning) and can work sheet metal with a maximum thickness of 4 mm for both steel and stainless steel.

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